About The Studio

Midday Studios is a digital-analog hybrid studio, started in 2007 and based out of a renovated house near the Drake Neighborhood in Des Moines, Iowa. The studio is home to Logan Christian, an indie producer and mixer. A previous connection, via word of mouth or mutual acquaintance is preferred for booking studio time.

We take advantage of the speed and clarity of the digital workflow while using analog gear (often inserted like plugins for flexibility) to color and to smooth or make instruments sound big with beautiful coloration. Our hybrid workflow gives us the best of both worlds.

What We Do

We offer full length recording, mixing, mastering, editing, demos, audio for video, voice-overs, and audio restoration. Styles of music we enjoy working with are acoustic, folk, indie, rock, synth pop, jazz, fusion, and alt. country. The studio space is clean, organized and has the benefit of feeling comfortable like home.

Experience Matters

We have been capturing and shaping sounds in Des Moines, Iowa and surrounding area for over 15 years. 

Recording or finishing Your Project

We're happy to take on new clients with existing projects. Whether it was started in a bedroom or at another studio, we can help you see your project to completion. Mixing all types of music is our passion, including any demos you'd like to polish up. Let's discuss budget and see what we can work out. For more information please contact us.