We approach mixing as more of an art form— we're not a big fan of perfectly clean and bright mixes, we prefer ones with a little dirt and character.


Songs recorded and mixed here at the studio have plays totaling over 10 million on Spotify and growing. We've worked with major and indie labels. Some of our work is listed on our Artists page.

Lead Time

Please email to confirm available time before filling out the forms. We are typically booked about 2 weeks out, but can sometimes find openings. If you need something quicker, peak at our rush option.

Rush orders

Rush orders add to the overall cost, but ensure a quicker turnaround. Commercial mixes with a rush order need one full day per song.

Mixing Tiers

  • Good - Fantastic basic mix. Sounds are processed with hardware eq's, compressors, tape simulators, and the highest quality plugins. Basic fx are applied. Mixes are ready for mastering. Includes 1 revision.

  • Great - This tier is a big step up adding to the amount of analog gear used + more time is spent overall for a more polished mix. More detailed fx processing (spring reverb, modulation, complex delays). Includes 2 revisions.

  • Commercial - Drums are tightened, vocals are tuned, and the maximum amount of time is spent while using the best tools available. Includes 3 revisions.

Additional revisions are billed at $20 a song. Any revisions after songs are completed and approved are billed at $50 a song.

Prepare your tracks

Pro Tools users- export a clean session file by choosing [Save Copy In...] from the File Menu in Pro Tools. When a dialog box popsup, Session Format should be selected for compatibility with Pro Tools 10. For Items To Copy select -> Audio Files and leave everything else as is. Save in a separate folder on the desktop.

Other DAW users- use your software's consolidate functionality to render each track starting at the beginning of the session. All tracks should be the same length and line up when dropped into a new session.

Uploading Your Files

Place your raw wav tracks or sessions into separate folders for each song and upload to Google Drive, Dropbox, or use your favorite file transfer service. Include the link to each song as you're adding songs to the shopping cart or at the end when you're filling out the format checkout. Email us if you'd like some help.

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