Midday Studios

Receiving A Quote

Rates depend on song and or project needs. Please email us with a detailed description of what you would like to accomplish and we'll be able to provide you with a quote.


Recording at Midday Studios:

It's important for us to know the amount and duration of songs, and the approximate number of instruments that will be recorded. Do you have a full band or will you be playing each part? Are you wanting to record live or one part at a time?

Please include links to any demos or previous work that you might have. 


Having your song or project mixed at Midday Studios:

Please let us know the number of songs, song duration, overall style of the project, and the approximate number of tracks in each song. 

Include links to any rough mixes you might have. 


Mastering Info:

At this time we do not offer mastering, but email us and we can direct you to a professional that will suit your needs.